Dressing Your Station

if you’re in your thirties or forties and you enjoy video games or superhero movies, well that’s what you enjoy. There is something tragic about being expected not to. Life is too short. But appearance? That strikes me as a place where it’s quite easy to conform.

Trumwill’s Trek: Tunnel Vision

We arrived last night (picture to come). Our house, it turns out, is kind of a dump. With what we’re paying for it, we’re not all that surprised. In addition to the affordability, the signs were there. The AC isn’t working very well. That’s a more pressing issue. Internet gets hooked up tomorrow. The movers…

Trumwill’s Trek: Sailing Through Seneca

Our time in Seneca was spent almost uniformly on the tollway. Which is very efficient, both because they make lots of money and we have little distraction. On the other hand, we also spent remarkably little time in the state outside the gated Interstate and do little in terms of local commerce. We should be…

Question For Chicago Peeps

It’s looking like we may be passing through Chicago with a little too much proximity to rush hour. Back home in Colosse, you can avoid the worst of it by taking a loop around the city. Is there any option in Chicago that would allow us to avoid the worst of the traffic by bypassing the city (or the city’s core)?

Trumwill’s Trek in Trumanverse

I meant to post about this at the outset, but time got away from me. So I have a plan for a series of posts where I am going to take a picture of every Trumanverse state I cross through. This includes Minnetaria, where I will never be more than a mile or two from the border. When it’s all done, I’ll add links to all the pictures and bump this post up, where it’ll be an index for all […]

Targeted Compensation

A frequent topic of conversation lately here at The League is compensation for organ donors. Sally Satel, a recipient of an uncompensated donation, recently made the case for compensated donation at Slate. This post isn’t about the merits of that particular argument (so please, let’s not rehash it). Rather, it’s about this passage: Kidneys can be donated by the living. Indeed, roughly half of all donors are friends or loved ones of recipients. To induce more strangers to save a […]

Open-Sourcing Linky Friday

So here’s the deal: I have one Linky Friday post ready and I need two. So you are invited to provide the second! 1) Send an email to my gmail account (trumwill at). Include the link and between one and three sentences of commentary. If you have more than that to say on the article, put it in a comment. 2) Since it may not be appearing until next week, I would not recommend an article that is particularly time-sensitive […]

Pronunciation Nation

At long last, proof that southerners are the only people who use correct words and pronounce them correctly! I actually do have most of the southern affectations listed here. Some of them I didn’t know were even regional. Does nobody else know the difference between a highway and a freeway? Seriously?! And it’s definitely lawy-er,…

The Rehabilitation of Mike Tyson

The recent conversation about Chris Brown reminds me of something I have been wanting to write a post on for a little while. Ever since I saw one of the closing episodes of last season of How I Met Your Mother. Mike Tyson had a guest role helping the main character take care of a…

Unlocking Smartphones: Just a Start

I was quite pleasantly surprised when the Obama administration responded quickly for allowing cell phone users to unlock their phones. There has been some misunderstanding about what unlocking a cell phone means. It basically only means that you can prevent the phone from being carrier-specific as they are manufactured and released to be. This actually…

Northern Colorado: The 51st State?

Some counties in Colorado are unhappy with the state’s leadership and are doing something about it: {Excerpt} There are between eight and thirteen counties, total, that are looking into this. Eight are listed in the article. If these eight cities formed their own state, it would be the 42nd largest state in terms of area…

Some Weekend Cheer

The first video is about an injured armed services vet who couldn’t walk and a professional wrestler named Diamond Dallas Page. The second is a news report from Oklahoma that inspired me to resolve to give our little mutt more attention. and appreciation.

OTB Reader Survey

Outside the Beltway, one of the better other group blogs out there, is asking for ideas (and responses to ideas) for punching things up. I almost endorsed Tim Kowal to write there, but then thought “What am I thinking? He’s ours and they can’t have him!

The End of Realignment

The ACC has announced a Grant of Rights deal for conference-members to 2027. What this technically means is that any team that leaves the ACC between now and then does not retain the TV rights to their home games. What this really means is that no ACC team will receive an invitation and that conference…

Federal U & The Rising Cost of Higher Ed

Note: This post is part of our League Symposium on Higher Education in the 21st Century. You can read the introductory post for the Symposium here. To see a list of all posts in the Symposium so far, click here. Jordan Weissman thinks we can make college free without spending more on education. What would we have…

College For Not Everybody

Note: This post is part of our League Symposium on Higher Education in the 21st Century. You can read the introductory post for the Symposium here. To see a list of all posts in the Symposium so far, click here. Several years ago, I worked a job where we had a queue of assignments and…