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Poor People Enter Around Back

Recently, advocates for the poor have been up and arms about so called “poor doors” in New York City: A plan for a luxury skyscraper with a so-called “poor door” is changing to extend more of a welcome to residents of its cluster of affordable apartments, officials and the developers said Friday. The retooled plan…


Outside of… particular circles… I haven’t seen terribly much attention directed at the remarkable and horrifying revelations in Britain. Some 1,400 young girls over the last fifteen years were sexually abused, and little was done due to apparent indifference, a lack of cooperation, and fears of being accused of racism and assumptions

Hey, Look at the Senate

The Peculiar Upper House

If you guess which party holds more “small state” senate seats, you will probably guess wrong. If you think that we’re alone in having a disproportionate senate, you’re also wrong. And yet, our senate is unique in the combination of its power and the sheer scope of its disproportionate representation. Will Truman looks at California, Wyoming, and the peculiarly “undemocratic” upper house of the US government.