Author: Tracy Downey

I'm just a simple story maker longing to make the world a better place, while butterflies dance inside my head.

How I Survived Betomania…

I felt like a pro, zigzagging through rush-hour congestion, determined not to miss Betomania. Honestly, what is the fuss over a gangly, skateboarding, punk rocker of the Democrat Party? I decided to discover the draw for myself.

Fearing The Faithful: Catholic Sex Abuse Summit Is Rorschach Test For Pope

The overwhelming evidence against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ incessant, and intentional, deception is a compelling indictment against the church. Clearly, if Pope Francis is sincere in rebuilding trust among the lay faithful, he must gut the hierarchy after the summit. Maniscalco’s comments from 2002, tarnishes Blessed John Paul II’s legacy as pope, and casts a black cloud over Francis’ papacy. When did the pope know and when did he know it?

GOP Exit Strategy: The Case for President Pence

“Face it, Republicans. Trumpism is a slapdash replicate of P.T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth. Moreover, like a ringmaster’s illusion, Trump and his sideshow of insatiable propagandists on a grander scale, consciously sold fake news, and  hyper-partisanship to a trusting audience. Mike Pence as president, restores faith and sanity to our governmental institutions while providing an opportunity to salvage a doomed 2020.”