Author: Sam Wilkinson

Briefly, When Accessible History Matters

Alan Maloney made Andrew Johnson cut his hair. Although they disagree vociferously, everybody involved is absolutely certain as to why he did that.

Justin Schneider and Jacob Anderson Go Free; Cyntoia Brown Does Not

The law is such a miraculous thing: all at once so malleable and so rigid. Prosecutors were willing to engineer sweetheart deals for rapists like Schneider and Anderson, and yet prosecutors were unwilling to acknowledge Brown’s humanity despite her being an abused 16-year-old girl being sold for sex.

Briefly, On Trusting The Police

The Hoover Police Department has been caught lying about Emantic Bradford Jr. on at least two separate occasions since having killed him. On Monday, it became clear that the HPD’s version of events remained seriously and intentionally wrong.

About Last Night: Election Day Thread

Yesterday was America’s Election Day. Several candidates are running for office. It is estimated that upwards of some, and perhaps several, people will cast their votes by the time the polls close. These votes will be cast for candidates, all of whom generally agree with one another and simply want to work together.

Maryland’s Regents Try To Excuse A Killing

The University of Maryland’s Board Of Regents had a decision to make: retain a football coach accused of killing one of his players, nor not retaining a football coach accused of killing one of his players. They inexplicably chose the latter.

USA Gymnastics Tries But Fails To Execute The Rare Triple Down Maneuver

USA Gymnastics has named Mary Bono as the organization’s newest CEO. In perhaps the least surprising news every published, her hiring was impossibly tone deaf, and the gymnasts she was proposing to lead less than thrilled with the organization’s decision. Bono has already stepped down.

Melania Trump Demands Proof

Melania Trump demands that women be able to prove abuse they have claimed. She demands this as if proof matters.

Hurricane Michael (Live Thread)

This is a live thread about the arrival and impact of Hurricane Michael, a monstrous storm threatening Florida’s Gulf Coast.