Author: Ryan Noonan


Self-Serving Basketball Post

Just a reminder to everyone to submit your brackets by noon today if you want in on the League March Madness contest. Good luck!


My Friends, A Conspiracy Is Afoot

Imagine, for a second, that it’s August 27, 2012, and you’re in Tampa. If you need some assistance with that, go stand in a hot shower. Or the oven. I can wait. Back? You...


Let The Madness Begin!

Well, the Selection Show (TM?) is over, and we have our field. As expected, Kentucky is the overall #1 seed and poor, sad Northwestern is left on the outside looking in for the 900th...


League Basketball Pool

Here’s a thought I’m having: who wants to do a League NCAA March Madness pool? Obviously we can’t gamble, but I’d be willing to talk about prizes we can give you. I was thinking something...


What Exactly is Overrated Here?

Matt Yglesias thinks empirical evidence is overrated. I am struggling not to say something incredibly snarky here. It seems to me that what’s actually overrated in policy debates is our ability to use an Econ...


A (Long) Musing On The New Contraception Rule

There’s been a long and somewhat intense discussion going on in the comments over at Kyle’s sub-blog about the Obama administration’s rule requiring Catholic institutions to provide coverage for contraception in their health care...


The Politics of ‘Homeland’ are Incredibly Squicky

(Spoilers for the first three episodes of ‘Homeland’ follow. Be warned.) I’ve been working on catching up with the Showtime series “Homeland” for the last couple days on the recommendation of basically everyone on...


Critiquing Andrew Sullivan’s Critique of Critiques

Andrew Sullivan has written a long piece for the magazine version of Newsweek responding to the prevailing critiques of Obama from both the right and left. He charges that the criticisms aren’t just “out...


Hey Tod

It is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.


The Winds of Winter Sample Chapter

As you might expect given the title, this post is going to contain some spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire, right up through the end of the last book (A Dance With...


Why I Support Ron Paul

Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to add to the cacophony of Ron Paul posts. When is the last time someone with such a small probability of becoming the next...


Yes, Amazon Is Evil, But Probably Not That Evil

A friend pointed me to this op-ed by Richard Russo in the New York Times about Amazon’s latest tactic to establish itself as the sole source for buying… well, everything, to be honest. Basically,...


College Football Bowl Season Preview

Since yesterday was Opposite Day, I didn’t really want to break up the party by posting this, so it got pushed back a day. Then I realized it might actually be Opposite Week. In...


The Costas Rant

I expect that this is going to be a somewhat unpopular post, judging by the feedback I’ve gotten on Twitter for suggesting it in the first place, but I want to hear what other...


A Legacy Tarnished

Last night, after a week of horrifying revelations, Penn State’s Board of Trustees decided to show Joe Paterno the door (along with university president Graham Spanier). If you haven’t yet, you should read E.D....


Our Feckless Discourse About Immigration

Just a quick followup on Tod’s post about the debate. As has been widely reported for several days now, Obama set a new deportation record in the last fiscal year (narrowly edging out the previous record,...


So What Do We Do About College Athletics?

 (Note: This is not a real Denard Robinson action figure, even though it should be. It was designed by the insanely-talented Jeremy of The Art. The Art. The Art! He was kind enough to let...