Author: Roland Dodds

Roland Dodds is an educator, researcher and father who writes about politics, culture and education. He spent his formative years in radical left wing politics, but now prefers the company of contrarians of all political stripes (assuming they aren't teetotalers). He is a regular inactive at Harry's Place and Ordinary Times.
Bernie Sanders

The Case for Bernie Sanders

Symposium: The Sanders’ candidacy (and hopefully, eventual presidency) is an important step re-situating the Democratic Party as one built around the needs of working people and as a bulwark against right-wing populism.

On a Year Commuting by Train and Bike

For over a year, I have been commuting by train and bike from my home in Santa Rosa to South Marin County. This change in how I get to and from work has allowed for reflection on what it means to construct livability in our towns and cities.

The Company We All Keep

The Nation of Islam is anti-semitic, conspiratorial and destructive but we should examine their impact with the same willingness to understand allocated to Trump voters and the alt-Right.

My Mother and Ursula Le Guin

To my mother and many women like her, Ursela Le Guin was the feminist writer that inspired them.

Santa Rosa After the Tubbs Fire

The future of my city is uncertain for working and middle-class families following October’s fires.

The Opening of the Boy Scouts

Mike Dwyer’s recent piece on changes in the Boy Scouts got me thinking about the world my young girls will inherit.

Reflecting on Kid Rock’s Presidency

It seems like just yesterday that the iconic rocker was being disparaged for daring to run for office and Make America Even Greaterer Again.

The Rise and Fall of Progressive Rock

David Weigel’s new book on the rise and fall of prog rock is an excellent journey into one of the weirdest eras of popular music.

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

The move towards violent street fighting is a dangerous trend which should not be accommodated by polite political society.

Stop Feeding Milo Yiannapolous

Milo’s claim that he is a defender of free speech is undeserved and college Republicans need to stop supporting it.

So Long, President Obama

It is hard to decouple Obama’s presidency from my personal life, but as he spends his last day in office, I can’t help but wish he stayed longer.

Trump Won Because of Pokémon

It’s abundantly clear that the Nintendo property is responsible for Trump’s victory, if you just believe everything I say.

The White Party

The success of Trump demonstrates just how committed white Americans are to ethnic nationalism.