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Tech Tuesday – 12/18/18

On a personal note, we spent the weekend in Flagstaff, and Bug got to see Mars through a 16″ telescope, and he got to see the Orion Nebula through the Clark Telescope, which showed him 8 baby stars and the glowing green gas of the nebula. Totally worth staying up late and standing in line in the cold.

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Tech Tuesday for 12/4

Oscar Gordon brings this weeks Tech Tuesday with stories about Mars still being far from a routine trip, ISS is almost old enough to drink, the pinwheel of death, fun with hydrogen, cancer killing viruses, the fossil record, and more.

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Tech Tuesday for 11/20

Tech Tuesday from our friend Oscar Gordon, bringing Ordinary Times all the latest in science, technology, innovation, and design.

Tech Tuesday 6

Tech Tuesday- 10/2 – Nuclear Pasta, and Other Changes

Oscar Gordon’s Tech Tuesday covering Ammonia as fuel, making the Star Trek Tricoder, turning CO2 solid with a battery, Japanese innovation in space and baby elevators, cheap metal decontaminating water, simulated avalanches, and more


Tech Tuesday – 9/17 – Asymptomatic Sick Kids Are A Nightmare Edition

Last week Bug developed hives all over his body. Misses school for the rest of the week. Freaked us out, because to date, he has no known allergies. Urgent care put him on Benadryl, which did nothing. Two days later, PCP puts him on Prednisone, which ended the hives, and spun him up so much we spent a day letting him run around the Arizona Science Center (nice place, BTW). Yesterday I get a call that the throat swab the PCP took came back positive for Strep (the quick test was negative), turns out the kid has Scarlet Fever, sans the fever, or the sore throat, or the vomiting…


Tech Tuesday 8/14/18

I’ve got a recycling post I’m working on, but finding time to do it justice is an issue. Until then, here are some recent links.


Tech Tuesday 05/22/18 – Ryan Reynolds is My God Edition

Being lazy again, because finding a tenant for my house, and getting all the little things done I need to do before I can rent the house, and getting ready to spend a week on travel next week, and doing all the things that need doing before we move to another state, etc…. It gets exhausting. But I did get to see the brilliant work of art that is Deadpool 2.


Tech Tuesday 4/24/18 – Post-Phoenix Edition

Back from Arizona. We got a lease signed for a house out in NE Scottsdale (right on the edge of civilization – trail-heads into the mountains are just 4 blocks away). Now I just need to get my house ready to rent and find a tenant.


Tech Tuesday 3/27/18 – Materials Edition

Materials make up our world, and what we can do with any given thing continues to be one of the fronts along which science and engineering continue to make great strides. Although one could argue that advances occur so quickly that by the time a new material is ready for mass production, it’s practically obsolete.

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