Author: John David Duke Jr

David was begotten and conceived in the ordinary way in the middle of 1972, possibly on his father's birthday. Since then, it's been an unremarkable go, except for the time his dad took him to help disarm a Cherokee woman who was shooting at her mother with a rifle.
Home for Christmas 2

Home for Christmas: A Portrait

The very notion of “home for the holidays” betrays the transience of it. It loops around on itself, as to say, there is a home and there is not home

halloween 1

A Halloween Revelation: Samuel L Wilson, RIP

Ten years after The Event I can finally tell the simulation that I was with him at his end, the damn fool. So many upgrades, bugfixes, and hardware changes have come and gone that...

wildlife management 1

Wildlife Management and Bambi

I enjoy hunting for a number of reasons. However, recently, two of those bedrock principles were challenged.

Grunge 9

Children of the Grunge

We might just see the first child of many children stepping out of the grunge, moving toward us, towing behind them three generations of debt and indebtedness

graveyards 0

Reclining at Gravestone

When I told him about my father’s obsession with graveyards and genealogies, he asked, “What do you think he was looking for in there?”

Dishonor 4

Stolen Dishonor

What a tragedy! I have committed a great injustice against him. I have applied a dishonor upon him, ignorantly, and out of shame.

toiling 0

A Personal Letter to the Children of Pilgrims

I am eating my bread with a glad heart, toiling away until I am taken away, occupied mostly with my occupation, suffering a few slings and arrows from outrageous fortune.

death 6

A Couple of Deaths and The Great Reset

A couple of deaths intruded into my life, and it took me a while to get myself together so I wouldn’t pen an insufferable introspective.

American Bacchanal

Giving Thanks for the American Bacchanal

As we prepare for the inauguration of the six-week American bacchanal, running over children and old ladies for the last bottle of brandy to pour over the last bag of off-brand cranberries