Author: Murali


The Cops killed Bambi! The Bastards!

Via Clark at Popehat. No dogs were harmed this time. Which is in and of itself an accomplishment for the police given that they raided an animal shelter. The comments are comedy gold.


Who owes you a living wage?

Jason Brennan, over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians argues that employers do not owe their employees a living wage. This is in the context of whether the government subsidises Wal-Mart by providing the welfare state...


Sex and Contracts

If sex is no different than any other kind of activity, why are sexual contracts uneforceable?



If it is not illegal to kill and eat cows, chickens and sheep, why is it illegal to screw them?


Cars in Singapore are expensive

And now you know that too. And so do the cast of Fast and Furious 6.* Car prices in Singapore can be attributed to one very basic policy move: Artificial restriction of supply. So, wonky question...


What is your true rejection: Organ Trade Edition

One of the things that tells us whether we are actually thinking about an issue reasonably is whether there is any counterfactual that would change our minds about it. Given that we had a...


Self Criticism!

Over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians, Jason Brennan criticises cartoon libertarians. Brennan is right in that it is better for someone to disagree with you for good reasons than for someone to agree with you...


How Dumb Can You Be?

Seriously! How is it that there are so many adults who do not know basic highschool chemistry? From WFTV


RIP Ronald Dworkin (1931-2013)

Ronald Dworkin died of leukemia on Valentines Day at the age of 81. He was the founder of the political philosophy Luck Egalitarianism as well as the founder of the jurisprudence theory Legal Interpretivism....


Who needs choirs when you can…

I feel that this is just awesome. Seriously! It is only in this age have we been able to do anything like this. There is a certain beauty to one person doing by himself...


Sleepless in Seattle

I’ll be in Seattle in about 7 hrs time and staying until the 12th. Who wants to meet up?


Raising Money

Note: This post is part of our League Symposium on Charity. Here is the introductory post for the Symposium. Here is a list of all posts so far. There are better and worse ways...


Misusing the Social Contract

There is a certain kind of libertarian who says that they see no reason to abide by XYZ laws/ pay taxes because they didn’t sign any social contract. Hell, I don’t even have to...


Mini Rant: Obama and Anti-Colonialism

Why do people keep accusing Obama of being  anti-colonial as if that is a bad thing? I am open-minded enough to consider the possibility that colonialism could have been a good thing, but I understand...