Author: Motoconomist

Motoconomist is a motorcycle riding economist comfortably squirreled away in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy, whose normal day job involves helping prevent the mistakes of the Great Recession. He lives in the Washington, DC Metro Area with his wife, his dog, and his 2 year old daughter. He often rambles about voting issues (he is a recognized expert on estimating voter behavior), housing policy and urban growth on twitter as @motoconomist.
scotch 34

An Economist’s Ode to Scotch

Scotch is a wonderful libation. Scotch also exemplifies how much branding, advertising, and entrenched interests have on what we consume.

infation 48

O Inflation, Where Art Thou?

Queue panic, articles and televised pundits loudly banging the inflation worries drum. However, there are reasons to not worry (right now)