Author: Michael Cain

Michael is a systems analyst, with a taste for obscure applied math. He's interested in energy supplies, the urban/rural divide, regional political differences in the US, and map-like things. Bicycling, and fencing (with swords, that is) act as stress relief.
Technical Notes 12

Ordinary Times Technical Notes

Not everyone who has been an occasional (or even regular) user is aware that the State of the Discussion feature is available again.


Tech Career Nostalgia

At the end of my 25-year technology career late in 2002, I walked away with copies of a variety of software and data I had produced


The Magic Goes Away

Sometimes the memories are better than reality.

Jay Inslee For President

Symposium: Vote for the candidate who believes there’s a real existential crisis that has to be addressed.


Pushing On a String

Donald Trump promised to restore the glory days of coal. It’s not happening.


State of the Discussion

State of the Discussion is an alternate comment-focused view of the site’s content, both recent and archival. This post is an introduction to its features.

Year of the Gerrymander

Tipping point. An idea whose time has come. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of history.

Tech Tuesday: Cain Edition

Not as extensive as Oscar Gordon would provide, but he’s off doing techie things instead of reading about them.

Whither Amazon HQ2?

Everyone thinks they can get Amazon’s new headquarters; is it already a done deal?

Back to the Bad Old Days

The Trump administration attempts to change the game on management of public resources in the West.

Power Lines

Electricity doesn’t come from the wall socket.