Author: Eric Medlin

History instructor. Writer. Rising star in the world of affordable housing.
Ron DeSantis 153

Ron DeSantis and the Hollow Victory of Outrage

Ron DeSantis is particularly good at stoking liberal outrage. He has shown skill at creating news headlines and taking symbolic acts that rile up the online left.

PPP 63

Don’t Worry About PPP

Democrats should not attack the PPP on principle. It was a response to an emergency that kept millions of people employed despite its obvious flaws.

Democrats Defeated Mitch 5

How Democrats Defeated Mitch McConnell

Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin defeated Mitch McConnell and obstruction right as general public starts paying attention to midterms

biden 41

Joe Biden and the Incumbent Advantage

Biden’s poll numbers remain low, but the solution should be to help the president formulate a plan that will secure him another term in office

Supreme Court 141

The Fickle Nature of Supreme Court Rule

The Supreme Court is likely to enshrine conservative ideas for the next generation. But conservatives need to also be aware of the finite nature of their newfound power.

recall 53

Should Americans Be Able to Recall Politicians?

Boudin’s removal has also touched off a discussion over whether or not Americans should be able to recall their elected officials as well as enact laws by initiatives and referendums

Church 136

Joe Biden Likes to Go to Church

The professionals who dominate the party may not care Joe Biden attends church. But soft partisans and swing voters do care

second civil war 49

The Second Civil War

The rush to proclaim a second civil war is a symptom of ahistorical thinking common in the social media age.

politicians 7

Politicians are Cheap

The underlying factor in this transaction is that, compared to most other complex questions in society, politicians are relatively cheap.

Trump Coming Back to Twitter 75

Is Trump Coming Back to Twitter?

The once-unthinkable has finally happened. On Monday, Elon Musk bought Twitter for $43 billion. All predictions that Musk was not serious, that he could not raise the capital, or that he would quickly grow...

Elon Musk 74

What Should Liberals Do About Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is not yet a sworn enemy like Peter Thiel or Charles Koch. He is a builder of electric cars and a man who could do good in the world.