Author: Eric Medlin

History instructor. Writer. Rising star in the world of affordable housing.
second civil war 49

The Second Civil War

The rush to proclaim a second civil war is a symptom of ahistorical thinking common in the social media age.

politicians 7

Politicians are Cheap

The underlying factor in this transaction is that, compared to most other complex questions in society, politicians are relatively cheap.

Trump Coming Back to Twitter 75

Is Trump Coming Back to Twitter?

The once-unthinkable has finally happened. On Monday, Elon Musk bought Twitter for $43 billion. All predictions that Musk was not serious, that he could not raise the capital, or that he would quickly grow...

Elon Musk 74

What Should Liberals Do About Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is not yet a sworn enemy like Peter Thiel or Charles Koch. He is a builder of electric cars and a man who could do good in the world.

Andrew Johnson 3

Why Was Andrew Johnson President?

Andrew Yang, as well as the people rightfully criticizing him, should remember this context when they talk about Andrew Johnson.

Ukraine 30

In Defense of a Useful History

The case that the invasion of Ukraine is not a historical outlier is essential for present discourse on the topic

BBB 17

BBB Needs A Deadline

The passage of BBB in an election year would make sure that Biden could show Democratic governance means something to its base, which he absolutely needs to turn out in November.

war 35

War and the Speed of History

More than likely, the experience of war will supercharge trends and movements that had already been operating at a glacial pace

infaltion 136

Inflation and the Historical Challenge

The Democratic Party needs to settle on their alternative solution to the inflation problem. Then, they need to mobilize their array of politicians, social media influencers, and policy wonks to further this new argument

Third Party 38

What America Needs for a Third Party

There is the perennial discussion in the United States of starting a large-scale third party. There have been many proposed third parties over the past two decades

Democratic 27

The Paradox of Democratic Governance

There is a limit where their most conservative members will go no further. Once that limit is reached, what is the Democratic appeal?