Author: Eric Medlin

History instructor. Writer. Rising star in the world of affordable housing.
Democrats 139

Yes, Democrats Do Have to Be Perfect

Double standards are a fact of political life. Democrats must learn how to navigate them if they hope to avoid McAuliffe’s fate

presidency 18

The Imperial Presidency Will Never End

Schlesinger believed that the problem of the imperial presidency was one that was bipartisan, inherent to the constitutional system, and could only be solved by Congress taking substantial action

Democrats 3

Does Virginia Matter to the Midterms?

Either way, the only guarantee is that the political media will make the Virginia results into the most important election of our lifetime

Vaccines 37

You Can Ignore Anti-Vaccine Arguments

Vaccines should not be a forbidden or taboo topic for discussion. But many of these debates are ultimately circular and nonsensical.

inflation 36

Can Joe Biden Protect Himself from Inflation?

There are certain concrete steps that the president can take to reduce the problem of inflation and help his own popularity as well as his party’s midterm chances next year

Boosters 50

The True Solution to the Booster Debate

The Israeli experience will be the strongest determining factor for whether or not the United States ends up introducing boosters for non-vulnerable populations

Tucker Carlson 60

Is Tucker Carlson The Next Trump?

The idea that Tucker Carlson could win the fanatical devotion that characterizes many Trump supporters is ludicrous

Boosters 67

What is the Goal of Vaccine Discourse?

The goal of vaccine discourse should be to share information that will push as many people as possible to legally obtain the vaccine.

1918 Spanish Flu

Why Was The 1918 Flu Pandemic Forgotten?

The current COVID-19 pandemic is, in many ways, unprecedented. Joshua Keating at Slate argued that it is the first truly global event, affecting practically the entire world’s population at the same time and in similar ways. Commentators and...