Author: Matt Hoberg

Matt Hoberg earned an A.B. in Philosophy from Princeton University in 2009 and resides in Minnesota with his wife and four children in a 19th century farmhouse; these opinions are his own. You can find him on Twitter @kinder_cons and his Substack Kinder Conservative Bulletin.
middlebrow 41

In Defense of the Middlebrow

Why does the middlebrow matter? Who cares what a Jane or John Doe has to say about the Great Books or politics? The answer is obvious…

Mitt Romney 60

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Give a Trump

How has Mitt Romney resisted the pressure to go along to get along? By governing for his legacy, not for accolades on Fox News.

cancel culture 298

Who’s Afraid of Cancel Culture?

“Cancel culture” is a new term in the cultural lexicon, barely registering in Google search trends prior to 2018. Is it good or bad?