Author: Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

Getting Through The Wall

If there’s a better way out of this, I’m sure Nancy Pelosi will go with it. She is nothing if not very good at her job. But here’s what I’ve got.

Getting Indiana’s RFRA Right

I know it’s popular to hate on Vox these days, but their explainer on the contentious and controversial Indiana RFRA is the first and only major media piece I’ve seen to address most of...

Bibi’s Final Destruction of the Peace Process Saved Likud

In an election dominated by local economic issues, Benjamin Netanyahu won by cannibalizing his own coalition with a last-minute address about the Palestinian issue that may have permanently ended any hopes of a two-state solution.


Comment Rescue – King v. Burwell Edition

The most interesting question from today’s oral argument in King v. Burwell is why Justice Kennedy suggested that a strict reading of the ACA in favor of the petitioners – and against the government – would create federalism concerns. Here’s a theory why.

Did the Police in Ferguson Lie on Day 1?

This seems pretty hard to argue with. Does anyone here have the ability or interest to check his work? Via Jamelle Bouie’s (@jbouie) Twitter account. UPDATE: See Chris’ comment below for some significant clarification.

Hobby Lobby and Substantial Burdens

Whatever its flaws, the Hobby Lobby decision was not as radical as some would have us believe. By Mark Thompson

What Happened To Michael Brown Is Not Much In Dispute

The conventional wisdom at the moment about the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri two weeks ago is that no one really knows what happened, and that the narratives conflict greatly depending on who you ask.

The conventional wisdom is bull.

Ferguson: The Background

League alum Jamelle Bouie has been committing journalism in Ferguson for the last week. His most recent piece, placing the events of the last two weeks in both a local and historical context, is...

Tweet of the Day

From Popehat, regarding Ferguson. And yes, this means I’ve actually been looking at Twitter.

A Self-Contradictory Argument on Global Inequality

Rising inequality in the United States is a real problem, but that doesn’t mean we should find ways to disregard the reduction of global inequality nor that we should treat all increases in inequality in other countries as first order problems.

A Reminder: The Ordinary Times World Cup Contest

For those who missed it or forgot about it – and I hope there’s some of you – we are having a World Cup “pick ’em” contest this year. Instructions for joining our group...