Author: Kazzy



Kazzy was wrong! A lot! Just like he predicted. Does that mean he was right?

Mount Rushmore — Super Edition

Guess what I know next-to-nothing about?  Super heroes. Guess what I’m going to do a Mount Rushmore of this week?  Super heroes! 1. Superman 2. Spider-Man 3. Wolverine 4. Gambit Why?  FUCK IF I...


Mount Rushmore – Soup Edition

Mmmmm, soup.  Is there anything better than a delicious, piping hot bowl of soup on a snowy winter’s day?  (Note to our SoCal contingent: “Winter” is when the air turns cold and our precipitation...


Pursuing Rainbows

What do you do when a group of 4- and 5-year-olds make a request of you that you think is impossible? You trust them.


Mount Rushmore – Children’s Author Editions

Hey!  Something I know about!  Which means I’ll probably get twice as many hate-comments.  Don’t worry… I haven’t yet realized my dream of turning the “Fast and Furious” movies into a series of pop-up...