Author: Jonathan McLeod


Jim Flaherty, RIP

Jim Flaherty stepped down as Canada’s Finance Minister on March 18. Yesterday, he suddenly passed away in his Ottawa home. He was a politician who touched many. He will be dearly missed.



Jonathan takes you on a post-rock stroll through his extended backyard of Ontario and Quebec.


Maybe He Doesn’t Really Want to be Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau–Liberal leader, charmer, philosopher prince–isn’t having such a good go of it. The Grits just wrapped up their policy convention, which (since it was in the middle of the Olympics*) I didn’t really...


This Isn’t What I Wished For

Does love endure? Will a love developed over decades whither and fade in a few short years? I don’t think I want to find out.


Caleb Hannan, Gender Identity and Journalistic Ethics

Grantland’s Caleb Hannan faces questions about his journalistic ethics as he writes about Essay Anne Vanderbilt, a trans woman working to build a better putter. His ethics may remain intact, but his decency is nowhere to be found.


My Friend Bob

Truly loved, Bob died alone.


One gun law added on

Canada’s gun laws hurt the innocent while protecting no one.


Keep your hands off my social engineering!

I recently read the Yahoo!Shine article, Christmas 2013: What Little Girls and Boys Want is Really Depressing, and I can’t really tell you why. There’s no grand insight; it’s a fairly standard commentary on the...


A new front in the war on men

Currying favour from the cliterati, feminist stooge Drew Gough is taking aim at masculinity, suggesting we succumb to our double-x overlords:


Don’t be that guy… to that guy

We have discussed—more than once—the Don’t Be That Guy rape prevention campaign. Riding the bus on Saturday, I saw a new installment of the campaign. It showed two men sitting on a bed. It...