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election 85

2019 Time Capsule

Well, now that you’ve read our series on who you ought to be rooting for in the pre-season, it’s time for everybody to show how good they are at this prediction thing!

ESPN 145

On Changing The Subject

A place where you can go to get news about sports, sports, sports and not Trump, Trump, Trump.

Andrew Yang 125

Andrew Yang: Think. Different.

Symposium: The only thing we know about the future is that it’s going to be very, very different from the present. Andrew Yang knows that.

Marianne Williamson 96

Love Will Win

Symposium: Marianne Williamson 2020. It’s HER job to inspire people.


Saturday Morning Gaming: Crokinole and D&D

If you’ve ever watched curling on television, you’re more or less familiar with the concept of Crokinole. And if you like the idea of Crokinole and you like the idea of D&D and you...


What is the Point of Higher Education?

Back in 2018, I wondered what the Point of Lower Education was. Specifically, I asked the question “what is on the list of things that a high school graduate ought to be able to...

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