Author: James Hanley

Regarding the State

James Hanley considers Michael Humer’s suggestion that you’re all a bunch of brain-washed hostages.

0 PPM CO2?

From an article about prospective carbon capture technology comes this gem.

Two Sentences

First is a sentence from a best-selling American Government text, introducing the concept of congressional oversight of executive agencies.

Going Postal–Management Style

Ask and ye shall receive. James Hanley produces theory and evidence of bad management at the USPS.

On Writing

“Ass in seat. There’s no other way to be a writer but ass in seat.”

by James Hanley

Constitutional Crisis: Week 3

This week the convention discovered its first error in the procedures. They realized that asking the chair to also be the scribe (secretary) was asking too much, so they split those tasks, as I...

Bringing Order; Hanley’s Way

James Hanley uses deadfall from his back yard to make a gavel for his students, because it’s more fun than buying one.

Free Speech Does Not Require Civility (Updated)

James Hanley civilly argues that Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is not wrong to encourage civility, but he is dangerously wrong to elevate civility above freedom of speech.

Constitutional Crisis: Week 2

James Hanley reports on the first official meeting of the post-zombie constitutional convention. The delegates immediately began problem solving.

An Assortment of Thoughts on the Minimum Wage

Michigan’s minimum wage goes up to $8.15/hour on Labor Day. Student workers at my school have had their maximum weekly hours cut from 8 to 6 1/2. Santa Fe, New Mexico substantially increased its...

Fashionable Politics

Thank god for New York’s Peter King. I thought for a bit that Obama was going to get away with Or it.

Constitutional Crisis: Week 1

James Hanley recaps the first week of his Constitutional Crisis course. Spoiler: not much has happened yet, but that won’t stop him from rambling on.

A Gilded Age of Education

James Hanley explains why American education is looking better than ever.

On Human Nature

In my inequality post, Snarky McSnarkSnark writes, The elevation of the “economic man” over the “social man” in our political and cultural thinking has led us increasingly away for our own core nature. I...