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In Defense of World Governance

World governance is something no serious thinker would today endorse. This is unfortunate, because world government is the only hope for the long-term survival of the human race.


Going META

Gabriel Conroy looks past At-Will employment.


On Non-Violence

Condemning violence from the oppressed while excusing it from their oppressors is not really a demand for non-violence, says KatherineMW.


Whither the Fifth Branch

Michael Cain looks at the state initiative process, and how it might be changed by an upcoming SCOTUS decision.

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Fatherhood & Conservatism

Guest writer Roland Dobbs, a long-time liberal, notices his political views shifting rightward with recent the arrival of his baby daughter.



Katherine gives us a glimpse of the future with her recap of “Point of No Return”


Why Nine Innings?

For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out.


An Honest Opinion, Honestly Arrived At

“When it comes to hours and labor regulations, I favor the policy that creates more jobs, but bad ones, over the policy that leads to fewer jobs, but good ones.”



Season 3 finally revs its engines and hits the ground running with “Messages From Earth”. Katherine breaks it down for us.