Author: Andrew Donaldson


Inauguration Day in America

Live stream of the events of the day and discussion throughout as Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.

The 1776 Commission 19

About that 1776 Commission Report

A bunch of knowledgeable folks on the subject of American history have thoughts on the 1776 Commission’s final report. Read for yourself.

writing 40

On Writing of Wrongs

We should understand that because of the technology of the day, we may well be the most recorded and documented generation in history.

Capitol riot 299

The Destructive High Water Mark of MAGA

It was all under control, you see, so carefully planned. The Show of Shows on this Day of Days for the Make America Great Again faithful.

world 38

Ordinary World: Holiday Hangover Edition

Your Ordinary World with news, notes, and notions from across the interwebs and around the world as you nurse your holiday hangover.

the union 121

Up The Union

Rise against the unworthy schemers who, far from wanting law and order and freedom, only use such words to entice others into subjugation.

Chuck Yeager 7

Legend Has It: The Passing of Chuck Yeager

In eulogizing Chuck Yeager, a broken telephone pole in West Virginia seems an unlikely place to start. But it is the perfect place to start.