Author: Ethan Gach


A Steam Machine in Every Home

Last year around this time I would have given anything to get my hands on a Steam Machine, but now that it’s becoming a reality, I’m struggling to remember why I was ever excited about it.


Driving Blind: The Road to “Intervention”

While the President and his administration prime the American public for war with Syria, a look at some of the day’s most prevalent writing on the topic demonstrates just how little anyone knows about what might happen after the country does so.


Driving Blind: Detain and Hold

In the UK, government officials threaten legal action against a newspaper for reporting on state secrets. In the U.S., the executive editor of The New York Times does a Q&A on, among other things, why she’s not actually a mean person.

Islam and the Nobel Prize

Andrew Sullivan points to a recent post by Isaac Chotiner in which the latter defends the general thrust of a recent, incendiary tweet from Richard Dawkins.


In Praise of Leisure and the Pitfalls of Unions

Mark Linsenmayer outlines Bertrand Russell’s case in “In Praise of Idleness” for a shorter work week. Writing in the early 20th century, Russell spent most of his essay confronting the moralistic arguments against leisure....