Author: Dennis Sanders

Dennis is the pastor of a small Protestant congregation outside St. Paul, MN and also a part-time communications consultant. A native of Michigan, you can check out his writings over on Medium and subscribe to his Substack newsletter on religion and politics called Polite Company.  Dennis lives in Minneapolis with his husband Daniel.
Sears 91

The Creative Destruction of Sears

Most people especially the media have bought into a certain narrative: that Sears and Kmart failed to keep up with the times and now they are paying the consequences.


What’s Normal After COVID?

Life post-COVID is truly the undiscovered country, because COVID has changed society and we will be feeling those effects for decades to come.

NeverTrumpers 98

NeverTrumpers Must “Fork” the GOP

The future of the Republican Party is faction…But for any of this to happen, people have to want it and I’m not so sure NeverTrumpers want to win.

September 11 0

A Damaged Fortress: America After September 11

The walls of fortress America fell down on September 11, 2001. Maybe September 11, 2026, or 2031, will find our nation in a healthier space. I hope so.

Peace 62

A Just War or An Unjust Peace

So, the forever war is now over. But is the forever war done with us? We got out of Afghanistan. We got our peace. But was it a just peace?

Elise Stefanik 32

The Last Temptation of Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik’s rise is a study in character, or lack thereof. And that is the question: Did she become compromised or is this who she was?

black is beautiful 69

Is Black Still Beautiful?

If Black Pride was the name of the game when I was a kid, it not any longer.  Pride has given way to victimhood and resentment.  I’m not sure that people think Black Is Beautiful.  

pastor 2

A Parson’s Apocalyptic Journey

An apocalypse reveals what has been hidden before…and this is very clear when it comes to the church and my role as a pastor.

The GOP 29

Who Mourns for the GOP?

You can’t leave the GOP to its own devices, not in a two-party system. Why the fate of the GOP matters to American democracy.

civil war

We Don’t Need No Civil War

What happened today could be a one-off that we will forget about months from now or it could also be a harbinger of something far dangerous down the road.