Author: David Ryan

Big beam is big.

Today we crossed a small milestone in the Montauk Catamaran Company boat shop.

Privilege and Courage: A Place-Holder

I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you about the Dropbox dudebros, and medical missionaries, and privilege, and courage. But not just yet.


Trading Places

It was the last weekend in September, and even though it was now autumn for sure the weather that weekend was as fine and fair as one could hope for from any summer day.


Bleg: Help me build the Mon Tiki Songbook

As a project for this winter, I would like to expand my uke/guitar repertoire to include sing-alongs; songs like “Southern Cross” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, and I am asking OG readers and writers to make suggestions in the comments.


Living the Dream, and other ways to ruin your life

“Yes, I know. I don’t want to go back either. But there are some nice people I promised to take out on the next trip so they can experience what we’re experiencing now, so we have to turn around. But it is breaking my heart a little, because this is perfect and I never want it to end.”


Please Help Mon Tiki Win.

Please help my family by helping Mon Tiki win the Dan’s Paper’s “Best of the Best 2014” Charter Sailboat.