Author: David Ryan

David Ryan is a boat builder and USCG licensed master captain. He is the owner of Sailing Montauk and skipper of Montauk''s charter sailing catamaran MON TIKI You can follow him on Twitter @CaptDavidRyan
Dave Ryan 7

Flying High, and Low

“I can’t find the time” is what we say when we want to curtsy at endeavors that are merely day-dreams, and not actually things we have any real passion or desire to pursue

Oxycondone 17

Oxycodone and Me

In which our hero is nearly mistaken for a drug addict but ultimately gets the help he needs.


Now where was I…?

A once prolific OT contributor returns with humble-brag and bad advice.

A reply to Mike Dwyer

“Those who eat fugu soup are stupid. Those who don’t eat fugu soup are also stupid.”

Another Bob Story

If I’ve accomplished anything in my life, it’s because people like Bob took the time to tell me stories like the this one, and I was foolish enough to believe them.