Author: Dave

Dave is a part-time blogger that writes about whatever suits him at the time.

Do you even lift?

Asking whether or not one should exercise to lose weight isn’t the same as asking whether or not someone can. Dave puts a recent Vox article into its proper perspective and asks “do they even lift?”

The Do-Over

Dave discovers one of his old mini-posts and realizes that a full-length “do over” was the appropriate response.

Herbalife Revisited

In light of the recent FTC settlement involving Herbalife, Dave has a few things to say about it.


Dave, in his inaugural post on fitness and nutrition-related topics, discusses high intensity interval training.

Go to sleep…permanently

Undisclosed ingredients in dietary supplements are not a good thing, and it’s one of many problems with that industry. However, Dave is especially troubled by the discovery of DNP in a supplement that has nothing to do with weight loss.

Broscience – The Energy Balance Edition

Coca Cola wants us to believe that weight problems have nothing to do with diet and everything to do with exercise. Dave beats up on this woeful tale of broscience.

A First For New York City…

A rent freeze… In a 7-2 vote on June 29, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board approved their first ever rent-freeze in the board’s 46-year history. The freeze will apply to one-year rent-stabilized...

Discussing the Unilateral Exit Right…

Dave discusses the unilateral exit right (i.e. secession), how the legal argument was framed, and shares a few additional thoughts. Dave also suggests reading it before bed time.

Silly me…

I didn’t know that the country of origin is required on meat packaging.  I guess I won’t miss it if it goes away.