Author: Conor P. Williams

Conor Williams on Twitter. More background here.

New Column at The New Republic

Forgive me the hiatus in posting. I’ve been parenting (and writing a fair amount). Saw Tod (et al) at Leaguefest and he (et al) encouraged me to share links here to my work elsewhere,...

Not Guilty

“If the intruder wore a hat, then it wasn’t our Cat.”

The Jim Leyland Experience

What Jim Leyland knows about baseball could save your life—or at least your sanity.


Open Thread: Opposite Day

I am **VERY EXCITED** to read your comments! Conor Williams has two kids and a PhD. Tweets here. Clue to inside joke here. 

One Further Thought on Internet Commenting

A Twitter “conversation” with our own Tim Kowal yesterday reminded me of something that I neglected to mention in my previous post. Part of why comments sections struggle especially hard to move beyond style to...

Why I Stopped Allowing Comments on My Posts

Since I published a snarky piece clowning Internet Commenters today, I decided that it might be worth offering a few serious thoughts about comments sections. I don’t want my only words on the subject to be flippant.

Equality Can Be a Problem

Last week I wrote in the Daily Beast about the flack I catch when I take care of my kids. I’d been thinking about writing an article along those lines for years, but always...

Recognizing and Redefining Manhood

These days, I probably write more posts about being a parent than anything else (aside from left-leaning wonks, of course). This is as it should be, since I spend a solid 30 hours/week caring...

Hegel on the Playground

It is hard having children out-of-step with your friends. Ten months ago, you were down to hit the town on a Thursday night. You HAD been to the new noodles place, thanks very much,...


8 Exciting Vistas that Parenting Makes Visible

1. Human Creativity: You. Made. A. Person. YOU MADE A PERSON. Are you #%$&ing kidding?!? How cool is that?!? What else can you make?!? There is no #%$&ing spoon. None. If you can make...


9 Things Progressives Are NOT

1. Fascists: Progressives pushed for women’s suffrage and the direct election of senators. They generally pushed for a more inclusive, robust democratic community. Today’s progressives are pretty similar—they’re certainly not a movement trying to...

This Is How It Felt

This is how I felt nine hours after you were born. You are asleep on my chest, a fine little miracle in a striped swaddling blanket. Of course you are a miracle. Parents always...


Fun Constitutional Facts: Gun Rights Edition

The words “regulate” and “regulated” appear three times in the Constitution’s current text. Here they are: Article I, Section 8: “The Congress shall have Power…To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States,...


Dr. Seuss and Genius and Field Dominance

I read a lot of children’s literature these days (b/c this), which means that I’ve long been mulling over this precise sentiment: As any parent will attest, Dr Seuss was not only the greatest...