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New Column at The New Republic

Forgive me the hiatus in posting. I’ve been parenting (and writing a fair amount). Saw Tod (et al) at Leaguefest and he (et al) encouraged me to share links here to my work elsewhere,...


Trolls and original sin and Conor’s hobby horse.

Not Guilty

“If the intruder wore a hat, then it wasn’t our Cat.”

The Jim Leyland Experience

What Jim Leyland knows about baseball could save your life—or at least your sanity.

Open Thread: Opposite Day

I am **VERY EXCITED** to read your comments! Conor Williams has two kids and a PhD. Tweets here. Clue to inside joke here. 

One Further Thought on Internet Commenting

A Twitter “conversation” with our own Tim Kowal yesterday reminded me of something that I neglected to mention in my previous post. Part of why comments sections struggle especially hard to move beyond style to...

Why I Stopped Allowing Comments on My Posts

Since I published a snarky piece clowning Internet Commenters today, I decided that it might be worth offering a few serious thoughts about comments sections. I don’t want my only words on the subject to be flippant.

wildlife management

Equality Can Be a Problem

Last week I wrote in the Daily Beast about the flack I catch when I take care of my kids. I’d been thinking about writing an article along those lines for years, but always...

Recognizing and Redefining Manhood

These days, I probably write more posts about being a parent than anything else (aside from left-leaning wonks, of course). This is as it should be, since I spend a solid 30 hours/week caring...

Hegel on the Playground

It is hard having children out-of-step with your friends. Ten months ago, you were down to hit the town on a Thursday night. You HAD been to the new noodles place, thanks very much,...

8 Exciting Vistas that Parenting Makes Visible

1. Human Creativity: You. Made. A. Person. YOU MADE A PERSON. Are you #%$&ing kidding?!? How cool is that?!? What else can you make?!? There is no #%$&ing spoon. None. If you can make...

9 Things Progressives Are NOT

1. Fascists: Progressives pushed for women’s suffrage and the direct election of senators. They generally pushed for a more inclusive, robust democratic community. Today’s progressives are pretty similar—they’re certainly not a movement trying to...

This Is How It Felt

This is how I felt nine hours after you were born. You are asleep on my chest, a fine little miracle in a striped swaddling blanket. Of course you are a miracle. Parents always...

Fun Constitutional Facts: Gun Rights Edition

The words “regulate” and “regulated” appear three times in the Constitution’s current text. Here they are: Article I, Section 8: “The Congress shall have Power…To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States,...