Author: CK MacLeod

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The League vs Trump – Super Doomsday Open Thread and Twitter List

If we need a clearer definition of our mission – as I think we do – we could do worse for a starting point than “Negation of Trump,” but that thought also implies that it’s significantly our fault that Trumpism is on the verge of taking over the universe…


The Party Deconstructs

In times such as these, party loyalty raises the question of what a party is at all in America 2016 – or at least what it means to be a Republican, if Trump is one, and potentially the standard-bearer.


New Hampshire Love Fest Open Thread/Tweetathon

Place your bets. Curse your fates. State your true druthers. Make new fearless predictions. Pretend you knew all along how things’d turn out. Vape ’em if you got ’em.


Live Tweet or Die #2: The Most Important AND Bloodiest Debate Ever!

“Every candidate has an interest in attacking at least one opponent. Top tier candidates need a strong showing in the state, while lower-tier candidates have their very survival at stake. There is no longer cause for anybody to hold their fire.”


Why Discuss Anti-Modernist and Anti-Democratic Literature?

If we are willing to admit that there are social and political problems that we do not yet seem to have solved, then an examination of other-than-democratist and other-than-modernist thought may not be merely interesting to a few, but useful for the many, or even necessary.


Star Wars VII and the Ultra-Real

The cinematic rather than merely narrative objective of Star Wars VII is to persuade by being overwhelmingly Star Wars VII.


R Vegas Debate(s) Live-Love-Hate Feed and Open Thread

Those without Twitter accounts, probably watching if at all on semi-functional console TVs adapted for digital over-the-air, inherited from your grandparents, are welcome to participate in the open thread.


Only the Right Believes in Class Conflict Anymore

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may still keep alive the embers of Old Left workerism, and the latter is still barely detectable in traditional Democratic Party rhetoric and residual connections to organized labor, but in American politics today class conflict as the engine of history seems now to be a concept mainly of the Right.