Author: Burt Likko


The Contemporary Monomyth

It is exceedingly difficult to get people to tell each other new and different stories than they do.

Yet it may prove to be existentially important to persuade them to do exactly that.


A New Site Feature

We are entrusting you, each of you, with a great power. And you already know what comes along with great power.


Niccoló and the Bully

As I watch the Trump Administration deteriorate into the political equivalent of the Fyre Festival, my thoughts naturally turn to Machiavelli.


A Safer Response to Garland-Gorsuch

A suggestion for a better way to handle the upcoming filibuster of Neil Gorsuch than discarding the consensus-building filibuster rule.


Granting Immunity From Prosecution

So, you want immunity from prosecution, do you? Here’s a helpful guide to how to get it, if you’re, say, a former National Security Advisor.


Dystopia Week

Welcome to Dystopia Week. Let’s begin by taking a moment to understand why we write this way in the first place.