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These aren’t the Republicans you’re looking for

I respect E.D., but he’s completely off base here: And yes, even though it may cause healthcare reform to die in its tracks, I still think that the right person won in Massachusetts.  I...


“Politics as Lived” versus “Politics as Is”

(cross-posted from my blog) Writing in praise of Halperin and Heilemann’s Game Change, Marc Ambinder predicts that political scientists won’t find much to love in the book’s depiction of politics: Political scientists aren’t going to like this book, because it...


File this Under: Inappropriate Historical Analogies

(cross-posted from my blog) I know this shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but the Nuge is an idiot: “I think that Barack Hussein Obama should be put in jail. It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama...


The War on Pluralism Christmas

(cross-posted from the United States of Jamerica) This is a little ridiculous (via Dara’s Google Reader feed): Boss Creations, a new holiday decor company, has introduced the new “CHRIST-mas” Tree, featuring the unique trait...


“Racism.” As Defined by Clueless Conservatives

(cross-posted from the United States of Jamerica) Patterico, a conservative blogger, describes his “pontifications” as “harangues that make sense.”  Assuming the definition of sense has remained relatively constant, this can’t possibly be the case. ...


Standard Operating Procedure

Michael Crowley ruins an otherwise good post on the Obama administration’s engagement with Russia over the Iranian nuclear program with this aside:


Yeah, another reason to raise taxes on the rich

Via Meteor Blades at Daily Kos is Sam Pizzigati explaining that the top 1 percent of income earners have a ridiculously low state and local tax burden relative to their low and middle-income fellow...


Fiscal Responsibility, part II

I don’t understand how Conor can say this with a straight face: You’d think after rightly complaining about the Bush Administration’s unprecedented irresponsibility for eight years, leading Democrats would understand that we’re trapped in...


Shameless Self-Promotion

Hey kids, just a heads up – I’m guest-blogging at Spencer Ackerman’s digs.  So for those of you who can actually tolerate my blogging, head over there for today.


I don’t actually recall having any debate

This Gallup poll has gotten a bunch of attention, and I figure it’s worth posting here: Yesterday, Ruth Marcus (or rather, whoever writes her subheadline) called the House debate over the health care bill...


One minor quibble

Andrew Sullivan on his intellectual consistency: I was appalled by the anti-Semitism buried within ANSWER – the left-wing equivalent of the Tea Party peeps – their paranoia and their ad Hitlerum daffiness. I railed...


You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

Note: This was a shitty movie. So, if Memeorandum is any indication, a few conservative bloggers have taken to mining fourth-rate dialogue from third-rate science fiction movies in order to make an absurd point about how...


Protecting American values from extremists

I agree with conservatives like David Horowitz and John Hinderacker; in light of the shooting at Ft. Hood, we need to reassert and protect our values.  The question of course, is the who we’re protecting our values from....