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Scott Starin is an aerospace engineer with a specialty in spacecraft dynamics and control. He works at NASA, but of course he does not speak for NASA or the Federal Government in any way on this site.


I didn’t understand at the time, and I still don’t fully. But I knew that I had changed myself in some fundamental way.

Happy New Year Cocktail Catch-Up

Happy New Year to all! I had been posting a monthly cocktail recipe at Slow Tuesday Night for a few months when I…stopped. No good excuse; I just lost the writing bug. I didn’t...


I am—thankfully, luckily, or otherwise—a novice mourner. I remember my maternal grandfather dying when I was seven after a long illness; I don’t have any memories of him before he was sick. I lost...

February Drink of the Month

[This is cross-posted from Slow Tuesday Night, where the Cocktail of the Month is a regular feature, but I felt like this one is front page material. I’m sure you’ll let me know if...