Author: Barrett Brown


Debate on the Nature of Atheism, Christianity, and the State

As per the protocols agreed upon yesterday evening between myself and First Things editor Joe Carter, our respective persons will be engaging in a contest of rhetoric (hereafter referred to as the “debate”) concerning...


Dwarves and the First Amendment

Rather than describe the wonder known as Dwarf Fortress myself, I will merely note that it is one of the most nuanced and brilliant instances of human output to have come about in the...


Something to consider

Today, perhaps a million people will be approached by some unknown entity which will attempt to engage them in written correspondence with the purpose of selling them something or perhaps even defrauding them outright...


Triumph of the Ill

Political humorists, being of the highest American caste in the true yet occult reckoning, are capable of swooping in on someone else’s game and then soundly beating them at same.


Jim Hoft needs more attention

I’ve been reading Jim Hoft’s blog at the Catholic outlet First Things for quite a while and have long wished that more people would do likewise and keep in mind while doing so that...


I serve no function

In lieu of writing anything, I will merely direct everyone to this absolutely fantastic manifesto by a popular contributor to Although the text itself is wonderful and even contains the phrase “fat cats,”...


Let us match wits on a sphere of bloggo

If you wander over to Memeorandum with some regularity, you will likely have noticed a sort of ideological segregation in terms of the manner by which bloggers choose to link to one particular story over...


Here are all these things

The problem with going over to National Review’s blog The Corner for quick material, as I did last night, is that one tends to run across at least two or three other things that also...


National Review Gives Up, Tries Magic

I’d like to begin here by asking everyone to note that National Review has today put up an article by a certain Joel Rosenberg, who is presented as an expert on the Middle East. This is a wonderful coincidence, as I happen to know a few interesting things about Rosenberg. For instance, he claims to have predicted the last decade of Middle Eastern affairs by interpreting the Book of Ezekiel and other items of ancient Hebrew prophecy.