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Kristin is a geek, a libertarian, and a domestic goddess. She lives in a wildlife refuge in rural Washington state with too many children and way too many animals and works with women around the world as a fertility counselor. There's also a blog which most people would very much disapprove of
Game of Thrones 39

Game of Thrones: Little People, Big World

Quit ignoring The Scope Problem or we’ll end up with more Game of Thrones that start off amazing and end with a disappointed “meh”.

Game of Thrones 34

Game of Thrones: Murder Your Darlings

George RR Martin kills off his characters right. Those deaths mattered. The TV version of Game of Thrones? Not so much…

Game of Thrones 70

Game of Thrones: The Cool is Not Enough

There were several fascinating arcs of both plot and character the writers of Game of Thrones sacrificed at the altar of The Rule of Cool.

Game of Throne 60

Winter is Here

Game of Thrones IS the quintessential program for 2020. No toilet paper at all. Only the burning rage of a million irritated a-holes


We Don’t Need ‘City-Slicker Elegy’

Stop normalizing pathological snobbery, such as “everyone who voted Trump is an inbred, lardlicking oaf ripped from Hillbilly Elegy”

homemade jam 8

Non-Doomsday Prepping: In a Jam

Disclaimer – I am a terrible person who likes to live life on the edge by doing things millions of people did all the time in the past.


Requiem For a Heavy Meal

I went to plan the family get-together, and I found much to my chagrin that the Klinkes were out of business. Like, out of business entirely.

Baby Yoda 31

Leave Baby Yoda Alone!

Imposing a monoculture on a diverse ecosystem? That’s the way the Empire thinks.

dollar store 1

Non-Doomsday Prepping 8: More Sundries

The various non-food items that are necessary to have on hand not only in case of emergency, but also just for day to day living

Terminator 36

On History and Being Doomed to Repeat It

We cannot and should not, ever allow “history is repeating itself” to mess with our heads. History cannot repeat itself in the strictest sense of the word.

election 125

Let’s Just Let This Play Out

I gave the benefit of the doubt to Gore, Kerry, and Gregoire with far less reason to believe people were out to get them than Trump has.

Donald Trump 259

The Antifa Case for Voting Trump

Donald Trump is no fascist. He’s a convenient bad guy, the mustachioed villain tailor made for everyone to boo…But Hitler he ain’t.

book burning 75

Weapons in the War of Ideas: Books & Book Burning

In recent days, I’ve read about the burning of books on the streets of Portland and of Harry Potter books torched by the far Left. I don’t like burning books, to put it very...

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