Author: Adrian Rutt

Life is like one of those sand art thingies that gets destroyed after it's completed.

Close-Minded Credulity

Knowledge, belief, credulity, close-mindedness, etc.: What to do, what to do… Perhaps nothing.

What Milo Tells Us About Free Speech And Decency

John Dickinson once said in defense of rhetoric that “All the law of Coke and the eloquence of Cicero can never influence men who don’t understand you.” And then there’s Milo…

Shame: A Review & Response

The question is not how do we, since the larger part of humanity has been oppressed since the beginning of time, atone for humanity? Rather it is how do we move forward? How do we create a more tolerant, diverse, and expressive society? To me, this question has nothing whatsoever to do with the past—perhaps Steele is right on this issue and this issue alone.

Food Liberalism & The Death of the Pancake

Where one generation has honored traditions, the generation at hand is whimsical, unorthodox, and living in a fantasy world that may be likened to a saloon, gaining the reputation of “anything goes” over the years. But anything does not go. It shan’t not go.

Shepherds, Sheeple, and Kool-aid

No doubt almost every single person who has interested themselves even slightly in politics has heard the terms ‘sheeple’ or ‘kool-aid’ thrown around. And among this hurricane of insults and ‘last words’ that we call politics I’ve always wondered, somewhat disinterestedly, why isn’t it spelled ‘sheople’?