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National anthems can be really very funny.

Adventures in civic marketing

Not Clickhole: Saskatchewan town “rethinks its ‘Land of Rape and Honey’ slogan”.

Ottawa Shootings

As many of you are certainly aware of by now, there have been multiple shootings in Ottawa, my hometown. The shootings occurred at the War Memorial and at Parliament Hill. The downtown core is...

Thank You!

God Bless America.

You’re Racist

Once again, Jonathan condescendingly explains why restrictions on labour movement (not to mention restrictions on immigration and asylum) are reflective of a xenophobic world view. Nothing controversial at all, no siree.

Canada’s Awkward Relationship With Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the term “rape culture” thrown around, and it’s a term that can lose its meaning or significance with repeated use, but as we experience sexual crimes like those committed in Steubenville or against Rehtaeh Parsons–and the delayed and insufficient responses to the crimes–it is inescapable that rape culture persists and, perhaps, thrives.

Jim Flaherty, RIP

Jim Flaherty stepped down as Canada’s Finance Minister on March 18. Yesterday, he suddenly passed away in his Ottawa home. He was a politician who touched many. He will be dearly missed.

First Day of Spring Jukebox

An appropriate song for the day and a throwback to 90s Canadian indie rock.

Maybe He Doesn’t Really Want to be Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau–Liberal leader, charmer, philosopher prince–isn’t having such a good go of it. The Grits just wrapped up their policy convention, which (since it was in the middle of the Olympics*) I didn’t really...

One gun law added on

Canada’s gun laws hurt the innocent while protecting no one.