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I’m Betting against Soylent

In which Jason offers to bet on the future of Soylent, the product that promises to “liberate your body” … from food.


Be a Dissenter for Science

When does politics trump science? Whenever it wants to. That’s a problem with modern politics in general, and — at least in part — we owe it to the malign influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


State Violence: A Dialogue

Early that morning, a tiny, not terribly bright idea got lodged in Frank’s head. It happens quite often to the soft-headed. And, unfortunately, Frank was feeling ambitious.


War on Christmas Oatmeal Cinnamon Stout

On Twitter I was asked to post this recipe, so here it is. It’s among my favorite beers ever, and it’s only available (so far) on tap at our domestic basement bar.


Mr. Relative Comes Around

“Older people can sometimes lose their reflexes,” said Mrs. Niece. “And their coordination. I mean, maybe you haven’t, but they do need to check.”


Another Tiny Glimpse into Our Crazy War on Drugs

Representative Trey Radel (R-FL) pleaded guilty this morning to cocaine possession. As Radel recently voted to drug test all food stamp recipients, the temptation is strong simply to smile and declare that it couldn’t...

Me at the Umlaut

Just a quick note: I’ve got a long thing over at the Umlaut today. Feel free to comment there, rather than here.



The phrase “driverless car” is clunky and imprecise. See that parking lot? Those are driverless cars. Ugh. Call them autonomes instead.