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On Public Transit

Hernando de Soto’s The Other Path illustrates how private transit services served the public’s needs and turned a profit.

Constitutional Crisis: Week 3

This week the convention discovered its first error in the procedures. They realized that asking the chair to also be the scribe (secretary) was asking too much, so they split those tasks, as I...

Constitutional Crisis: Week 2

James Hanley reports on the first official meeting of the post-zombie constitutional convention. The delegates immediately began problem solving.

Constitutional Crisis: Week 1

James Hanley recaps the first week of his Constitutional Crisis course. Spoiler: not much has happened yet, but that won’t stop him from rambling on.


The concept behind separation of powers is to prevent tyranny by not allowing political power to accumulate in the hands of a small number of people. In the U.S. we tend to see it...