Category: Ordinary Tales

Little Lost Georgia

Burt Likko tries his hand at fiction again. But this time, there are rules.

The Quiet Revival

Dennis Sanders takes a second look at his infamous hometown.


New fiction by Christopher Carr.


From Mad Rocket Scientist comes this brief but amazing reflection on fatherhood and the word “love.”

Why the Goddess Weeps

An original poem, written by a lawyer during a particularly challenging day at court.

Faded and Worn

Original Poetry by Jesse Reeder

The Bath

A short story about an old man, his loneliness, and his resolve to perform a simple ritual.

A Simple Desultory Menippic

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” the cop asked. The Inquisitor’s question. It’s never a good sign. Aviator mirrorshades. Handlebar mustache. Because of course he would. Establishing the right script is important...

A Gordon Setter

Original poetry by Dale Forguson.

Poem for Monday

Original poetry by Dale Forguson

The Code of the Bagginses

If P. G. Wodehouse had moved from musical comedy to epic fantasy, it might have begun something like this.

The Executioner

“I’ll get the right arm, you get the left. One of us will have the actual agents, and the other will have saline solution.”

Ordinary Tales – An Introduction and Call for Submissions

Starting today, Ordinary Times is pleased to announce a new regular sub-blog category, Ordinary Tales. Ordinary Tales will feature fiction, poetry, personal essays, original music, and visual art submissions.


On Opposite Day, we do our best to argue in service of a position that, under normal circumstances, we argue against. Coke people might sing the praises of Pepsi, Cat people might talk about...