Category: Dutch Courage

UFOs: The Atlantis Hypothetical

The contents of a black box are discovered only once it is opened. But we can always speculate about what’s inside.

Historic Traditional Christianity and Dueling

Is dueling compatible with traditional historic Christianity? Folks with whom Alexander sought communion after being shot didn’t think so and challenged the dying man accordingly.

Best Cop Ever

Watch a Police Officer patiently and perfectly handle a tense situation.

The God of Benevolence

Jon Rowe examines the concept of God through the lens of 18th Century American notions of “benevolence” with a special focus on Emmanuel Swedenborg.

A Proposal For Privatizing Marriage

Are these two people “fit” for “marriage”? Should the government have a role in answering that question? I still say no.

Sexual Orientation and Human Nature

Jon Rowe grapples with the mystery of sexual orientation’s origin while dealing with analogies and logical fallacies.

Cosmic Religions

Jon Rowe ponders the cosmic implications of Islam and Mormonism, and their cosmic relationship to Christianity.