Please scream inside your heart


The Kid Fan

Moving Pictures of Our National Pastime


The Thinker

So many questions.


Biden Picks Kamala Harris

A VP pick is usually about is solidifying the base, balancing the ticket, & generating intra-party enthusiasm. Harris will do that just fine


Always at the Abyss

This reluctance to condemn, this refusal to delineate between protesting and rioting, bears responsibility for what happened in Chicago last night


Agent of Chaos Theory

I consider myself an agent of chaotic good. My avenue of chaos? Information.


Han Fei and America

Han Fei had some thoughts on power and politics that are very relevant today.


Sunday Morning! Two by Arthur Schnitzler

Remembering the masterful Viennese writer whose works depict a high society of childlike adults living in an unreal dream that would, soon enough, give birth to the great nightmares of the twentieth century.


Saturday Spins: The Weird

What does a disgraced Vice President, break dancing, and an international farting contest have in common?! They are all on records on my shelves


The Crimson Letter

The world you think you want, if everyone would stay quiet and follow your rules, will not be implemented without an astronomical cost in human life.


Day After the Circus

I betcha lots of folks right here will be surprised in about a year.


We Deserve Donald Trump

The president has not changed in the least bit over the last eight months. We have no new information…The only thing that changed is that we are mad.


Country Roads, Take Me Home

If you choose to rely upon Google, Verizon, and/or Samsung products as an aid to road navigation, do yourself a favor and verify the route using traditional methods.