Weekend Plans Post: The Return to the Office


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  1. Reformed Republican

    Last Saturday I was supposed to go to a board game meetup. I had missed the last couple for assorted reasons, so I was looking forward to it. I woke up that morning feeling crappy. I thought it might have been a migraine or sinus headache, so I took some medicine. A few hours later, I was feeling worse, not better, so I decided to bail on the meetup. Almost a week later, I still feel bad. I think it’s RSV. I stayed home from work Mon and Tue, but I didn’t want to burn up a week of PTO, so I went back to the office. Hopefully I don’t get my co-workers sick.

    My plans for this weekend involve not doing much at all. Just resting, unless I start to feel better.

    Maybe next weekend I will be able to play board games again.Report

    • Michael Cain in reply to Reformed Republican

      The memory care facility where my wife lives is part of a larger assisted living complex that has had a Covid outbreak. The two parts share quite a number of staff, which has been the majority of the cases. I haven’t visited for two weeks now. I realized abruptly that if my wife gets Covid, she still has staff to handle cooking, cleaning, laundry, and purchasing the things those activities require. If I get Covid, well, we abandoned our support structure when we decided to move three-and-a-half years ago. In-home support services are a modest add-on to my Medicare Advantage plan. Guess I’d better do that.Report

  2. Michael Cain

    Take the chairs out of the meeting rooms. From experience, having to stand drastically shortens the meetings.Report

  3. fillyjonk

    I have a commute of five minutes (I live about a mile and a half from campus). That’s great, though the drawback is the town I live in is really, really small, and it feels smaller now after the pandemic – in the before-times, it felt like nothing to drive to the next biggest town (~25 miles) for grocery shopping and stuff. The pandemic and extended road construction (especially on a bridge over a river, where for a time there was barely any railing between YOU and a 30 foot drop onto a sandbar) broke me of it; now going south to shop feels like an Expedition.

    I didn’t like wfh though, but I suspect that’s (a) because I teach and (b) we weren’t given a lot of logistical support – like, I needed a whiteboard for one of my classes, I didn’t have a good set up in zoom to draw/write what I needed (my laptop had a tiny trackpad that wasn’t good and I couldn’t afford to buy one of the accessory drawing pads) and it also got extremely lonesome. (Happily partnered people/familes that are close to each other, they don’t know how good they had it then)

    I went back to teaching in person as soon as we were allowed (fall 2020, though one of my classes had to be over zoom – too large for distancing in the rooms). This semester is the first one that’s felt at least semi-normal since Spring 2019. (Fall 2019 was not normal for me; my father had died in July of that year)


    there’s a potluck at church (another return-to-normalcy I had missed) on Sunday; theme is “Tex-Mex” and I have a pretty good casserole with beef and salsa and corn and beans and tortillas and cheese I can make. That’s probably the main effort of the weekend.

    I’ve managed to get the covid booster and the annual flu shot, sometime I have to game out getting the shingles series, while doing it at a time when I will have a couple days recovery time because everyone tells me that’s a rough vaccine. I had almost no reaction to the flu shot, and this covid booster gave me a brief fever (100 F for a couple hours) and a mild headache, a lot less than with previous boosters.Report

  4. Michael Cain

    One small change in the site software, so… testing.Report

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