POETS Day! CS Lewis

Ben Sears

Ben Sears is a writer and restaurant guy in Birmingham, Alabama. He lives quite happily across from a creek with his wife, two sons, and an obligatory dog. You can follow him on Twitter and read his blog, The Columbo Game.

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  1. Jaybird

    The poetry of CS Lewis that I’ve found is in stuff like “A Grief Observed” (so much more interesting than that whole pain problem!) and, most recently, Until We Have Faces.

    Until We Have Faces struck me, in the first half, as being maudlin. In the second half, it struck me as being heart-breakingly insightful and the maudlin parts were just there to get me to lower my guard. Who could read it without falling in love with Psyche? Who wouldn’t daydream about how, with just the right opportunity, he could be the Fox?

    Ah. Clive. I probably still don’t understand what you were shooting for.

    Maybe the book will be something else entirely when I read it again in a decade. (But I’m still haunted by when Psyche read the scrolls to the gods.)Report

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