MAGA Isn’t Serious… or Conservative

David Thornton

David Thornton is a freelance writer and professional pilot who has also lived in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He is Christian conservative/libertarian who was fortunate enough to have seen Ronald Reagan in person during his formative years. A former contributor to The Resurgent, David now writes for the Racket News with fellow Resurgent alum, Steve Berman, and his personal blog, CaptainKudzu. He currently lives with his wife and daughter near Columbus, Georgia. His son is serving in the US Air Force. You can find him on Twitter @CaptainKudzu and Facebook.

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  1. Burt Likko

    It was understood as early as 2015 that Trump wasn’t a conservative. He’s a nationalist in the classic European style. What he’s revealed himself to be is authoritarian in his nationalism.

    Policies don’t matter to such a person. Nor does ideology. It is the cult of personality, the elevation of the leader above the law until he becomes the law, that is whole point. And he’s been quite frank about it all along. He could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his polling numbers wouldn’t change. When you’re famous you can just grab a woman’s pussy and they let you (“they” being the media and the voters, not the victim of the sexual assault).

    So it’s no wonder that his supporters like Ms. Boebert see themselves as thus elevated and privileged. And it’s no wonder that literally today we see pearl-clutching over loss of “decorum and standards” as the dress code in the Senate relaxes to accommodate John Fetterman’s rather casual sartorial style — from the same people who defended President Pussyhandler and tried to wave away that same President instigating violence against Congress in an effort to illegally remain in power on January 6, 2021.

    These are not people engaged in the pursuit of power to advance some sort of an agenda based on ideology or some vision of how the world might be made better. They pursue power so they can do the things they want to do for their own benefit.

    The “ideology” of MAGA was articulated in 1933 by the similarly authoritarian President of Peru, Oscar Benavides: “To my friends, everything, for my enemies, the law.”Report

  2. Pinky

    The segment on abortion is classic Trump, which is to say too stupid to be believed. He not only doesn’t care, he doesn’t even understand the vocabulary. He says that he terminated Roe v. Wade, and that’s not clever wordplay, it’s that he remembers that the word “terminate” has something to do with the topic. You can see him throwing the words “number” and “compromise” at the reporter as if they constitute an answer, and you can see the moment he remembers the word “exceptions” and what he does with that.Report

  3. Christopher Bradley

    No republican or conservative since 1980 or so wants or believes in conservatism and it does not surprise me that you would waste 1000+ words on something that anyone with three brain cells could surmise on their own. No one “jettisoned their principles” they never were principled. This has been the Republican party since Reagan, only then they didn’t say or do the quiet things out loud. Trump didn’t move the Overton window, he smashed it, and then rubbed the shards of glass in our faces. The worst part is, the so-called “conservatives”, mainly the entire right wing of this country, like and want that and always have.Report

  4. Chip Daniels

    We hear the term “Long March” customarily to describe how many institutions became liberal, but what is more apt is to use the term to describe the multi-decade process by which those who William F. Buckley called the “kooks” have taken over the conservative movement.
    I know, many liberals will tell me that they were there all along, but they were at least forced to the shadows which is an important thing.

    Today, however, reactionary authoritarianism is squarely in mainstream conservatism.

    Here is the Heritage Foundation laying out their vision for a future Republican White House:

    For decades, as the left has continued its march through America’s institutions, conservatives have been outgunned and outmatched when it comes to the art of government.

    One reason is because the Republican establishment never moved on from the 1980s. Beltway conservatives still prioritize supply-side economics and a bellicose foreign policy above all else. Belief in small government, strangely enough, has manifested itself in a belief among some conservatives that we should lead by example and not fill all political appointments. Belief in the primacy of the national security state has caused conservative administrations to defer political decisions to the generals and the intelligence community.

    The result has been decades of disappointment.

    Fortunately, this situation is changing. The conservative movement increasingly knows what time it is in America. More and more of our politicians are willing to use the government to achieve our vision, because the neutrality of “keeping the government out of it” will lose every time to the left’s vast power. The calls for a “new Church Committee” represent a momentous shift in energy; while conservatives used to lament liberal Sen. Frank Church’s original project as a kooky leftist attack against “The Brave Men And Women of Our Intelligence Community,” we’re now the ones agitating for Congress to go after the three-letter agencies.

    Bolding mine.
    Free markets, a strong foreign policy and small government?
    Haha, that’s OldThink! Conservatism uses NewThink, which is to “use the government to acheive our vision”.

    Remember this is not some fringe group, this is a mainstay of the conservative movement and Republican orthodoxy.

    Examples of this in action are Ron DeSantis using the power of the state to punish Disney for criticizng him, and Trump’s promise to purge the government and restock it with loyal cronies.

    As we’ve seen, they view all organs of state and society as tools for power, not something valuable in their own right. And violence is very much part of their toolchest.Report

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