Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Hurt Children, And Lawmakers Need to Think About That

Philip H

Philip H is an oceanographer who makes his way in the world trying to use more autonomy to sample and thus understand the world's ocean. He's a proud federal scientist, husband, father, woodworker and modelrailroader. The son of a historian and public-school teacher and the nephew and grandson of preachers, he believes one of his greatest marks on the world will be the words he leaves behind. To that end he writes here at OT and blogs very occasionally at District of Columbia Dispatches. Philip's views are definitely his own, and in no way reflect the official or unofficial position of any agency he works for now or has worked for in his career. If you disagree, take it up with him, not Congress.

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4 Responses

  1. Saul Degraw

    What part of “the cruelty is the point” is hard to understand?Report

  2. Chip Daniels

    What’s amazing is the speed at which they pivoted from “Just asking questions about trans athletes” to “Anyone with a rainbow sticker is an enemy”.

    And by “they” I specifically mean the self-professed moderate conservatives, the ones who never openly use hateful language and take pains to posture as being tolerant of queer folk.
    Yet who also shrug and turn a blind eye to the hate.

    Like, how did these laws get passed, how did this climate of hatred develop? Did the activists filming their belligerent encounters at Target face scorn and censure from family and friends? Did the legislators passing these laws face recall or challenge from moderates?

    No. The self-professed moderates will go to the polls and reliably vote to return these incumbants, and if they are at a party and hear an activist bragging about how he berated a clerk for selling a rainbow tee shirt, they will remain silent.

    The question in a civil society is never how many illiberal radicals exist, its how many will stand up to them. And on the Republican side, there is no one willing to stand up to them.Report

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