Clare Briggs

Clare Briggs is a famous cartoonist who lived from 1875 to 1930. Poems by Wilbur Nesbitt.

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  1. Jaybird

    Pretty sure that that is Prince Edward.

    Hard to believe that Briggsy had him pegged at such a young age but there it is.Report

    • Burt Likko in reply to Jaybird

      This is supposed to be Edward VIII? He certainly seems to have a thing for American women…Report

      • Jaybird in reply to Burt Likko

        1919… Eddie visited Canadia and then accepted an invite to the White House. Wilson was sick, though, and so they sent a bunch of military folks up to charm the prince.

        From New York Almanack:

        In 1919, the Prince of Wales toured Canada and accepted an invitation to visit President Woodrow Wilson at the White House. Wilson was bedridden with illness at the time, so a “bemedalled staff of admirals and generals” was dispatched to greet the Prince when he first stepped onto American soil at Rouses Point.

        On November 10, Edward, Prince of Wales, arrived at the train station. Awaiting him were Secretary of State Lansing, Major General John Biddle of the US Army, Rear Admiral Albert T. Niblick of the US Navy, and Major General Charleston of the British army.

        The band of Plattsburgh’s 63rd US Infantry was on hand to play the British and American national anthems. A group of young ladies held an unusual canopy (the flags of both countries sewn together) while Prince Edward strolled beneath it, shaking the hand of each girl.

        Augmented by a contingent of several hundred from Plattsburgh, the throng, estimated at around 2,000, offered a gracious welcome to the future king, whose friendly, pleasant demeanor endeared him to the crowd.


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