Saturday Morning Gaming: Serial Cleaner


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  1. Reformed Republican

    I decided to buy the Deluxe Edition of Diablo 4 and get in on Early Access.
    Overall, it feels a lot like Diablo 3. The skill system is closer to 2, where you get to spend points to unlock stuff, but it is still quite different. There are a lot of passive skills and you can respec for gold.
    You do not have to do the main story in order. Right now, I have access to 3 or 4 main story objectives. There are also a lot of side quests.
    There are random dungeons. I think the dungeon are made by combining several objectives from a pool of objectives to create some variety. I am not sure how much real variety it will be in the long run, though.

    I am playing a Barbarian, which is different from my usual class choices in the Diablo games. I am only level 17. I probably got around 6 hours in over the weekend, so it’s still an early opinion.

    It is kind of weird seeing other random players running around, but it’s not as populated as an MMO open world (at least, not yet).Report

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