Saturday Morning Gaming: Peglin has us playing pachinko again


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  1. jason

    I fired up my Xbox Friday afternoon and I saw a Diablo IV server test, so I jumped into that–thankfully, we finally have really good fiber internet here, so the download only took about forty minutes until I could play. Played a bit Friday and my wife and I played for a few hours Saturday and had some fun. I played the sorcerer and she played the necromancer–it was her turn to have minions, since I was a necro or witch doctor in Diablo III when we played. The game looks good and what we saw of it was fun. Probably not ground breaking or greatest ever, but good.

    I thought when they said 12-14th that we’d be able to play yesterday, but that didn’t happen. We logged in yesterday to find it close. Oh well, less than a month.

    Not a videogame, but also on Friday I gave Marvel Champions a shot at my FLGS and had a good time, so I bought into it.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to jason

      Yeah, we did some Diablo IV stress testing on Friday/Saturday and the stutter was *AWFUL* after about 6PM.

      I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

      Very short take: Fun. Distracting. Nowhere near the raw addictive power of Diablo 2. I really like how there are approximately 1 kajillion sidequests but sidequests make it a single-player game given how I love to do side quests to distraction and my gaming partners are Main Story Line Full Steam Ahead.Report

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