Weekend Plans Post: The Road to Wrestlemania


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  1. Jaybird


    Dig your own hole was the album I got at the tail end of my bachelorhood. I knew that it must have meant *SOMETHING* and so I listened to the popular songs like “block rockin’ beats”:

    MAN! That song was awesome!

    But I bought the album and listened to it in my car and on my walkman and I concluded that Block Rockin Beats misunderstood the whole idea.

    I kept wandering back, over and over, to Piku.

    Dig your own hole, I guess.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.Report

  2. Jaybird

    Theory won with perfectly acceptable cheating. Good, solid match.

    I cannot believe how much I liked the fatal four way. Big moments, big laughs, we all had a great time.

    I hated the Logan Paul match. My friends tell me that it was a good match. I was not able to tell.

    The six-woman match was competent.

    Miz versus the other guy was mercifully short.

    The problem with Charlotte is that she is so freaking good that everyone is an underdog compared to her. She and Rhea burned the house down. Holy crap, that was an amazing match. This is also the first match of the night that I called correctly.

    The Sami match was almost as good, though. I want to see Sami versus Roman next year. Hard to believe that he was in the Johnny Knoxville match last year.Report

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