The Impervious Joe Biden

Eric Medlin

History instructor. Writer. Rising star in the world of affordable housing.

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  1. Chip Daniels

    Biden strikes me as one of those people who draws energy and vitality from retail politics. Pressing the flesh, jousting with opponents, conducting statecraft as endless rubber chicken dinners and meetings- this environment is his natural habitat where he is most alive.Report

  2. North

    A cogent analysis. As a moderate liberal and staunch Democratic Party voter myself Biden has vastly exceeded my expectations and hopes so far. Certainly he has his flaws and struggles (who doesn’t) but I think it says something that one of his biggest problems is one that no mortal person can avoid- his biological age. Watching the party at work in 2020 as it hemmed, hawed and finally selected Biden was oddly gratifying for me, like watching a rusty yet resilient old machine grind inelegantly but competently through an important task.

    Biology and economics, now, stand as the arbiters of Bidens prospects for the rest of his term and his possible reelection. I just wish I knew who the obvious alternative would be if the former renders a negative judgement. I do believe, though, that the party is capable of repeating its 2020 performance again. I just don’t know who would come out the other end.Report

  3. Dark Matter

    …Biden has disproved one element of common political wisdom, the idea that the Republican Party would never again work with a Democratic president…

    They used to say that New York was unmanageable, then they elected someone who could do the job and discovered it had been poorly managed.Report

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