The Month in Theaters January 2023

Russell Michaels

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  1. Pinky

    Colossal is odd. I think it was trying to be one story instead of three. A first part, a surreal second part, and a third part that infused the first into the second. Except that last step felt so disjointed that I’m really only speculating on what their intention was. I don’t have strong feelings about Anne Hathaway in general, but I thought she was fine.

    I loved it that Trump used the Air Force One theme as president. We have some very good modern composers, and their material should be woven into our culture.Report

    • Russell Michaels in reply to Pinky

      I think she’s hot, but her character was so awful and didn’t really earn her arc. The only reason she does is because of the villain twist that was so out of character.Report

  2. John Puccio

    The Jerk is absolutely one of the greatest comedic films of all-time. Doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Our family has quoted dialogue from it for 40 years. (I can’t believe it’s been that long).

    Speaking of which, the 40 Year Old Virgin is easily my favorite Apatow flick. Agree that the extended version is completely unnecessary. They cut the right scenes for the theatrical release. I guess they wanted to put Stormy back because of her newfound semi-relevance.Report

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