Outrage: To Love “A Good Hate”

Mike Coté

Mike Coté is a writer and podcaster focusing on history, Great Power rivalry, and geopolitics. He has a Master’s degree in European history, writing his thesis on the Anglo-German economic and strategic rivalry before World War I. He blogs at his own site, hosts the Rational Policy podcast, and can be found on Twitter @ratlpolicy.

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3 Responses

  1. Jaybird

    If you can’t rely on the story to be accurate, your second choice of outcome might well be “makes me feel good”.Report

  2. Damon

    This is one reason why I ignore social media for the most part. The other is the inane posts about the posters. I don’t care if you’re having a bad day and a coke zero. If I don’t text or call you on a regular basis, I don’t give a damn what you’re opinion on any this. My mental health and contentment is much greater for it.Report

    • Burt Likko in reply to Damon

      Joining you in this.

      Much more because of the subject matter of the OP than “bad day and a Coke” kinds of posts. The banality of the latter I often found soothing, in a way. Or made me feel a connection, however tenuous.

      No, it was mainly Instant Outrage From All Directions, which for me was exemplified by The Former Guy and the kinds of comments he inspired. Oftan fom haters as well as acolytes.

      Better to not be in that soup. If only I could get my Boomers to turn the TV News off, because it too offers up a steady daily diet of Instant Outrage About Everything and that’s just not a good way to live.Report

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